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Waiting for Easter...

I may Him and the power of the resurrection and may share His sufferings ... that I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own [Php3:10,12]


"Ernst Troeltsch. He argued that we can only speak or write as historians about things which have some analogy in our own experience; resurrections do not occur in our experience; therefore we cannot, as historians, speak of the resurrection." [N.T. Wright]


True joy that comes from the resurrected Lord! Because it is not easy to taste it, we try to experience it instead by the joy that the Lord gives us through our relationships or others in our life. But, the joy of the Lord's resurrection goes beyond those. We cannot dare to talk about the joy of the resurrection without experiencing for ourselves that extreme joy that cannot be compared to anything else! So we have to all meet the resurrected Lord and taste the power of His resurrection. Only then will transform in life begin and we can move on to our mission.


My Lord! Mercy on us!


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