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worship! care! grow! 

Church Beyond Borders reflects our commitment to reaching beyond borders and bringing people together from all regions to worship God in unity, in their heart language, in their culture and in the presence of glory of God. Our Next-gen Planting team is dedicated to providing a place where people can worship together beyond regional constraints, have spiritual care with prayer and provide a platform for spiritual growth in the knowledge and love of God.

We understand that contemporary challenges can make it difficult to find spiritual care. That's why we offer chaplain and regional leaders who provide spiritual care beyond those challenges. We believe in team ministry that goes beyond blocking walls and overcomes the shortage of digital churches to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all.

Our vision is for growth in knowledge and love for God. We believe in cultivating a community that fosters personal growth and spiritual development, allowing us to reach our full potential in service of God. We are excited to be a part of many second-generation Korean-American’s spiritual journeys and look forward to welcoming them to our church community.

our team
SJ Kim

Lead Pastor

Young Yun


Randy Raak, Rev.

Mentor - NC Iowa Classis CRCNA

Regional agent
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