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Our name reflects our commitment to reaching beyond borders and bringing people together from all regions to worship God in unity. Our Next-gen Planting team is dedicated to providing a place where people can worship together beyond regional constraints, have spiritual care with prayer and provide platform for spiritual growth in the knowledge and love of God.

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worship together

We connect and empower His people who are scattered and isolated all over the places in the States and even in the world. You're invited to worship with us;

at Sunday 9:30AM in Korean,

and at 10:30AM in English,

in the Central Time

Be Cared

Contemporary challenges make it difficult to find spiritual care. That's why our care team - pastor, chaplain and regional leaders are in-person or on-line to provide spiritual care beyond those challenges so that all are belonged to a welcoming and inclusive community to be cared and serve in the kingdom of God together.

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empower growth

We are about to grow in the knowledge and love of God the Father: Theology guides Bible, Bible teaches Jesus, Jesus leads to God. God lets us to worship Him. 

The knowledge and love of God leads us to new rhythm of life of gratitude, worshiping, obeying the words, and praying as the Holy Spirit works in us to will and do in His pleasing will.

Still this side of the world could come back to haunt us with our flesh so that we have to learn how to deny ourselves, to enhance fellowship through empathetic hearing and to manage conflicts.

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