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Can I worship Him on-line?

Worship is a ceremony in which God calls His covenantal people to re-affirm the covenant, grant them His grace, and declare the glory of God. God is in control of the order of the worship service. His covenantal people, invited to this service, give thanks, praise, and glory to God for His grace given, and are sent back to the place of calling, carrying the glory and grace of God that they received through the service, and live a life of living worship that reflects God's glory and shares his grace.

We can see His sovereignty over His worship; in Exodus 19 that after delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and bringing them to Mount Sinai, God commanded them to sanctify themselves for three days, called them to the foot of Mount Sinai, appeared with His glory, made a covenant with Moses and His people worshiped God; and in Deuteronomy 12, when the new generation enters the land of Canaan, He commanded them to worship Him in the place where He chose; and also in John 4, God clearly commanded that we have to worship Him in the Spirit and the truth and God seeks worshippers who worship in the Spirit and in the truth.

Therefore, whether it's the physical church or the digital church, when His covenantal people can gather together in the place where God called, in-person or on-line, enjoy God's presence, glory, and grace and give thanks, praise, and glory to God in the Spirit and in the truth, enjoying fellowship with God and with His saints, and being sent out to the world where they were called to live the life to reflect His glory, this is the worship God commanded to worship Him in His Sovereignty.


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